New updates and improvements to Genesiv.

  1. Fixed scroll problem within chats (channels and DMs)

    Fixed the problem of analysis discussions and drawings getting merged

    Improved responsiveness of chart when analysis is loaded with multiple objects

    Direct Messages URL updated with @username instead of a random number

    Bug fixes related to undefined data in Notifications panel

  2. Bug Fixes

    Users are now able to attach/paste images in Direct Messages

    Clicking a notification navigates accurately to the respective message

    In some cases, users who were unable to see channels due to missing roles are able to see them now.

    Users are now able to mention other users in private channels

  3. One of our biggest requests by the compliance department of brokers and even traders was to have a disclaimer page along with a Terms of Service page that people needed to agree to before joining.

    The reason for this is because they're afraid that users might give them legal trouble if they deem any of the discussions being mentioned in the server as "investment / trading advice".

    So we created an optional gated system that prevents people from joining until they agreed to the disclaimer and terms of service. Once they agree to it - a log will be captured for compliance purposes :)

    Here are some sneak previews.

    Backend (server owner's POV)





    Front end (user's POV)


    Hope you guys are looking forward to this one!


    Desmond Leong