New updates and improvements to Genesiv

  1. Genesiv Platform v.0.6.7

    New Feature


    1. Improved the copywriting of the Webhooks Trigger Events pop up

    2. Improvement of webhook where it's main goal is to send and receive. With the new integration, users will be able to set up and use webhooks for multiple reasons.

    - Webhook is sent when a certain action is completed on our server (eg. A channel receives a message or when a new member joins the server)

    - Webhook is recieved when an external party sends us a message to be displayed in one of our servers (eg. #tc-library on Discord)

    Log in

    1. Fixed a bug in server review registration page. Where password validation appears when users log in through Server Preview and have already keyed in their username and password

    2. Fixed a log in bug. Where users are unable to sign up with google or facebook.

    Improvement of CNAME in Server Preview

    1. Allows a user to browse around a `public/private`server as if using an `@all` role. Server owners will be able to send their visitors to a site where there is no other servers.

    Visitors will be restricted from the usual stuff such as

    - Sending messages

    - DM-ing users

    - Creating analysis

    - Any interactions with message (eg. reactions, share, etc)

    Linked Charts

    1. Fixed a bug in Analysis and Discussion Cards. Where replies are overlaped with the analysis and discussion cards when users reply to the respective cards.

    2. Fixed a bug in View Discussions. Where commented linked text cards disappear when users try to edit the cards.

  2. Genesiv Platform v.0.6.6


    DM Channels

    1. Fixed text aligntment bug where the UI gets disturbed when user sends long messages.

    Updated URL Structure

    1. We have updated and added new URL structure for the following functions to give users a more seamless web experience

    - Tiers, levels and XP Settings

    - Badges URL

    - Email-Configuration

    - Color-Picker

    - Fallback when guest users visit specific URLs

    - Misconduct

    - Channel Request Notification URL

    UI Issues in Server Settings

    1. Fixed UI issues that were appearing on Server settings and Server Charts

  3. Genesiv Platform v.0.6.5


    URL Structure

    1. We have improved Genesiv's URL Structure to make it more user friendly! Now you will be able to seamlessly copy links and navigate through the page.

    Server Preview Mode

    1. Server Owners will have the option to turn on/off preview mode when a guest joins their server. Allowing guest to get a glimpse of what the server looks like.

    Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 10.56.41 AM

    Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 10.45.56 AM

    In preview mode, guests are able to

    - Draw on analysis

    - Pan Chart

    - Change timeframes

    - Add Indicators

  4. Gamification

    New Feature

    We have finally launched our gamification feature! This allows communities to gamify their community experience by awarding XP (experience points) when users perform certain actions and also introduces levels along with custom badges.

    Check out the video below for more deets

  5. Webhooks

    New Feature

    We've introduced a comprehensive webhooks feature that allows users to easily link Genesiv with their favourite apps.

    Check it out in the video below!

  6. Theme Customizer

    New Feature

    One of the big requests by the marketing and branding departments was for a full-fledge theme customizer. One that allows you to change every single colour in your server to match your brand guidelines.

    We are glad to announce that we've rolled out a theme customizer that is perhaps one of the most powerful ones in the industry. Check it out in the video below:

  7. Genesiv Charts

    New Feature

    This feature has been in the works for a long time and we've started to roll it out to our institutional clients (major brokers) to use. It will be available to normal users too over time.

    We built our own proprietary charts so that we can bring to life some of the most amazing integrations with our chatroom.

    Check it out in the video below:

  8. CNAME

    New Feature

    So another big request we had was for CNAMEs to work with Genesiv servers. Many people have mentioned that they would like their servers to be a natural extension of their domains. Instead of directing people to something like , they could now direct them to something like which gives a much nicer experience.

    Here is a video of it in action below. Major clients have since integrated such as , , and many more.

  9. Genesiv Platform v.0.5.5

    New Feature


    1. Channel (chart and non-chart) chats now include text styling features .i.e. bold, italic, code, quote, hyperlink etc. Just select text and get going!


    Charts - Bug Fixes

    2. Fixed duplicate crosshair lines when we select and move chart

    3. Fixed broken chart UI when chart settings is toggled

  10. Genesiv Platform v.0.5.3



    1. Full screen charts now support object tree!


    2. Improved display of channels list whereby channels with unread messages are now highlighted separately

    3. Improved the way online and offline users are displayed. Offline users are now sorted separately

    4. Fixed issues preventing redirection to channel/message from Browser notifications

    5. Speed improvements that will load @mentions faster than before.