Genesiv Platform v.0.6.7

New Feature


1. Improved the copywriting of the Webhooks Trigger Events pop up

2. Improvement of webhook where it's main goal is to send and receive. With the new integration, users will be able to set up and use webhooks for multiple reasons.

- Webhook is sent when a certain action is completed on our server (eg. A channel receives a message or when a new member joins the server)

- Webhook is recieved when an external party sends us a message to be displayed in one of our servers (eg. #tc-library on Discord)

Log in

1. Fixed a bug in server review registration page. Where password validation appears when users log in through Server Preview and have already keyed in their username and password

2. Fixed a log in bug. Where users are unable to sign up with google or facebook.

Improvement of CNAME in Server Preview

1. Allows a user to browse around a `public/private`server as if using an `@all` role. Server owners will be able to send their visitors to a site where there is no other servers.

Visitors will be restricted from the usual stuff such as

- Sending messages

- DM-ing users

- Creating analysis

- Any interactions with message (eg. reactions, share, etc)

Linked Charts

1. Fixed a bug in Analysis and Discussion Cards. Where replies are overlaped with the analysis and discussion cards when users reply to the respective cards.

2. Fixed a bug in View Discussions. Where commented linked text cards disappear when users try to edit the cards.